pa-cycling is bringing innovation to the modern cycling world. By providing flexible approaches to cycle hire and sales, we aim to introduce as many people as possible to the numerous benefits of the pedal-assisted cycle. 

what is a pedal-assisted cycle?

What we call a pedal-assisted or pa-cycle is a type of electric bike (e-bike) formally known in the UK as an Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle (EAPC) or pedelec. Our cycles are built to conform to the Department for Transport’s regulations for EAPCs meaning they can be ridden legally on public roads and cycle paths. 

A pa-cycle gives you the option of engaging an electric motor which can give you assistance when you’re pedalling. This assistance could last up to 100 km from one battery charge depending on the terrain and weight carried. In accordance with DfT regulations, this motor will not provide that extra boost unless you’re already pedalling, and will cut out automatically if you stop pedalling or if you reach the speed of 25 kph. 

Riding a pa-cycle is the same as riding a traditional cycle, except for the fact that you have the option of added physical support from the motor. Benefits of this added support include cycling becoming an accessible sport or pastime for those who might otherwise struggle or lack confidence. A pa-cycle can allow you to climb hills more easily, cycle longer distances, keep up with children or a fitter partner, or a new means of exercising. The stresses and strains of over-exertion can be a thing of the past; whether you’re returning to cycling or taking it up as a new hobby, the advantages of optional physical support cannot be understated.

Notes from our personal training consultant, Dan Steven, discuss how, with advice and support from your doctor, incorporating pedal-assisted cycling into injury or illness rehab could help speed up recovery, he has also researched some very interesting safety aspects of the pedal-assisted bike.